Aruzhan Sain on Kazakhstan children evacuation from Iraq

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Aruzhan Sain on Kazakhstan children evacuation from Iraq

Aruzhan Sain on Kazakhstan children evacuation from Iraq


Children rights commissioner Aruzhan Sain commented on the recent evacuation of Kazakh children from Iraq, reports.

“We brought 14 children from Iraq. It's very difficult to put this into words. Children have no place in the war, and there is no place for war in our world. Thanks to everyone who carried out this difficult work - the Foreign Ministry, our diplomats - very caring people and real professionals , employees of the National Security Committee, the Government, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Unisef team, the Ministry of Health and all,” Aruzhan Sain wrote on Instagram.

She noted that it was a very difficult flight. “These children used to know a peaceful life. There is no place for children in war or in prison. They were so tired of that life,” she wrote.

Aruzhan Sain noted that for some time the children were distracted by games, toys and coloring.

"But anyway, it is unbearably painful. It felt a little easier when grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles and aunts met the children at the airport! How they hugged, kissed, as if they didn’t believe that this was happening - they had been looking forward to it so long. Then the children were taken to the center, where doctors, psychologists were waiting for them, all the services were connected. They were bathed, everyone slept, ate. Everything was well organized, thanks to everyone for the care, the warmth for our children!” - Sain concluded.

On November 27, 2019, 14 Kazakhstan children were evacuated from Iraq to Kazakhstan in a humanitarian action. They had been in an Iraqi prison with their mothers serving sentences for involvement in terrorist activities.

10:02, 29 November 2019



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