Coronavirus data to be revised in Kazakhstan

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Coronavirus data to be revised in Kazakhstan

Coronavirus data to be revised in Kazakhstan

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Indicators for coronavirus infection will be recalculated in Kazakhstan. Health Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alexei Tsoi announced this at a meeting of the Government, reports.

"In connection with a change in the approach to accounting statistics, from August 1, the Ministry of Health will recalculate the reproduction rates based on the data for the first 10 days of August. We will continue to assess the situation in the regions," Tsoi said.

In addition, according to him, from August 10, the Health Ministry will also calculate the level of virus reproduction.

Earlier, the minister said that the infection productivity rate decreased by 24%, that is, from 1.2 to 0.89.

"The main indicators of the burden on the health care system have decreased. The dynamics of the reproductive rate of infection - the number of people infected by one patient - also decreased. Before the introduction of strict restrictive measures, the reproduction rate was 1.2. 2 weeks after the introduction of quarantine, we observed a steady downward trend. The delayed positive dynamics is due to the incubation period of the infection. Since July 23, there has been a persistent tendency towards a decrease in the reproduction of the infection. On August 4, this indicator dropped to 0.89," Tsoi noted.

According to the minister, this once again confirms the effectiveness of the introduced quarantine and the measures taken to stabilize the situation.

Note that as of August 3, 93820 patients with coronavirus infection were registered in Kazakhstan. 27,597 of them are receiving treatment, 65132 (69.4 percent) have been discharged, 1091 have died.


Zhanat Tukpiev

11:57, 4 August 2020


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