Days of Kazakhstan medicine started in Uzbekistan

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Days of Kazakhstan medicine started in Uzbekistan

Days of Kazakhstan medicine started in Uzbekistan

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In Tashkent (Uzbekistan), the days of Kazakh medicine started. From November 21 to 22, more than 150 delegates from Kazakhstan headed by the Health Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov, visit the Republic of Uzbekistan, reports with reference to the press service of the Health Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The delegation included representatives of the Health Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, heads of leading state and private medical centers, research institutes, clinics, public and private universities, sanatorium organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, IT companies in healthcare and consulting companies in the healthcare sector of Kazakhstan.

Days of Kazakhstan medicine in Uzbekistan is an event, aimed at strengthening cooperation in healthcare between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, expanding interaction between medical organizations to exchange experience and knowledge, innovations and technologies to ensure the availability and quality of medical care for residents of both countries.

Kazakhstan intends to develop medical tourism and promote medical and educational services, as well as medicines and domestic medical products.

At the opening of the Days of Kazakh Medicine in Tashkent, the Health Minister of Kazakhstan, Yelzhan Birtanov, made a welcoming speech. The Minister noted the high level of interaction between the countries, which at the present stage is developing even more actively.

The Minister emphasized the importance of developing the health sector in Uzbekistan: the Health 2020 Program, highly praised by WHO; legislative reforms - in recent years, 30 Decrees of the President of Uzbekistan have been adopted, aimed primarily at improving the quality of medical services; approval of the Concept of development of healthcare system of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2019 - 2025, which contains approaches based on the experience of advanced countries.

Yelzhan Birtanov also spoke about the achievements of the representatives of the Kazakhstan delegation - employees of multidisciplinary clinics that provide high-tech medical services at the level of international requirements, using innovative technologies and achievements of advanced medical science, medical universities, the largest pharmaceutical and IT companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Minister also noted that within the framework of the order of Elbasy, by 2025 it is planned to increase the share of expenses for primary health care and public health to 60%.

Digitalization and improvement of the quality of statistical data is carried out in Kazakhstan: since January, state medical organizations switched to paperless documentation, created and filled in local electronic health passports for 95% of the population, and queues decreased by 30%. As part of the Densaulyk State Program, institutional transformations, aimed at increasing the efficiency and accessibility of medical care, have been implemented. A new public health policy has been launched, and primary health care has been strengthened.

“Today we are implementing an action plan for development of PHC for 2019-2020. Thus, this year over 1,300 new sites have been opened in the country, another 595 PHC facilities will be built and updated by 2022, including through PPPs,” the speaker said.

The minister also talked about the centralization of drug supply, increasing transparency in the procurement of drugs, introduction of electronic registration of the issuance of free drugs and the launch of the Unified contact center for drug supply.

In addition, the minister spoke about the introduction of the Comprehensive cancer control plan until 2022, for which 35 billion tenge was additionally allocated. Lion share of the funds will be spent on expanding free medical care.

Also, in Nur Sultan, a National cancer research center will be built, which will be provided with modern equipment from the world's largest manufacturers of medical equipment for radiation and proton therapy. The bulk of the equipment will be acquired as part of a public-private partnership.

The Health Minister also noted an increase in the cost of medical services per resident - which, thanks to the compulsory medical insurance, will be increased by 67% and brought to 90 thousand tenge.

In conclusion, Yelzhan Birtanov spoke about the draft of the new Health Code and the State Program for health development until 2025.

Thus, the Code provides for a number of key sections aimed at determining the joint responsibility of citizens in ensuring public health, strengthening the status of medical workers. In addition, the modern aspects of e-health, etc. are defined.

The state program will be a significant breakthrough in improving the health care system.

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