Hospital admissions are a mess - Health Minister

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Hospital admissions are a mess - Health Minister

Hospital admissions are a mess - Health Minister

Minister of Health Yelzhan Birtanov told the board meeting in the Ministry of the need to establish order in the hospitals’ admissions. According to him, one of the problems is a mess in emergency situations, correspondent reports.

"One problematic issue is complaints of the population about hospital admissions. We looked mainly at emergency situations, unscheduled cases, which, roughly speaking, are a mess. They bring a patient to an emergency room, who waits a long time lying in the corridor on a gurney, abandoned, with no one attending to him. I think the problem is known and we need to honestly talk about it," said Birtanov.

Since last year, he went on to say, a triage system has been introduced in accordance with the new standard of emergency care.

"It is sorting patients out in the emergency rooms into three zones in accordance with the international standard, and we are introducing a new qualification- emergency care doctor providing all the necessary and emergency care for any emergency conditions," he said.

Birtanov also drew attention to some heads of health departments in the regions, who are still issuing unlawful orders about the procedure for hospitalization, when different clinics are on duty on different days. 

“According to the standard, emergency assistance should be provided in the nearest general hospital and then, if necessary, after the patient is stabilized, he can be re-transported to a specialized clinic for further treatment,” he said.

In conclusion, Birtanov shared on plans for transition from single-profile clinics to multi-profile.

“On the long-term plans for infrastructure development, last year we merged already 90 clinics and got 30, which saved considerable funds. This work will continue and we should ensure full quality emergency assistance in such multi-profile hospitals,” Birtanov said. 


Zhanat Tukpiev

20:10, 15 February 2019


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