Nur-Sultan ambulance station received new cars

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Nur-Sultan ambulance station received new cars

Nur-Sultan ambulance station received new cars

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Yesterday, the mayor of the capital Altay Kulginov and the Health Minister Yelzhan Birtanov got acquainted with the parameters of new ambulances, the equipment of the station and the work of contact centers, reports with reference to the press service of the city akimat.

Thus, 52 new ambulances entered the line, another 22 will be delivered next year. Thus, the number of cars will double - from 64 to 138.

The head of state pays special attention to the development of medicine, ensuring accessibility and improving the quality of medical services, including the modernization of ambulance services.

According to Murat Orazbaev, director of the City emergency ambulance station of the Nur-Sultan akimat most of the new cars are reanimobiles with the possibility of providing intensive care, monitoring and transportation of patients who need emergency medical care.

Cars are equipped with defibrillators and a complete heart rate monitoring system, and each car also has a modern lung ventilation apparatus, oxygen cylinder, heart-lung machine.

“In order to improve the quality of medical care and create comfortable working conditions, a lot of important work has been done. The first is to double the number of cars to relieve calls and reduce the time of arrival of the ambulance to 10 minutes. In addition, we increased the number of teams to 20.

Together with the health department and the iKomek109 contact center, we analyzed the work of state medical institutions and identified 4 systemic problems: these were problems with making an appointment with a doctor, queues in clinics, unethical behavior of health workers, and complaints about incompetence. Since October, each first leader has got mobile applications. This allowed for 3 months to reduce the processing time of applications from 5-6 days to 1-2 days.

At the request of patients, an electronic queue was introduced at polyclinics #2, 6 and 9. In the new year, we plan to integrate all medical facilities.

Starting next year, as part of the PPP, the construction of a new medical facility will begin, which will be located in the Saryarka district.

In the framework of the national digitalization project, in April 2019, on the basis of the iKomek109 center, a pilot project "Unified Call and Dispatch Service - iKomek112" was launched. The unified database made it possible to relieve emergency dispatch services from false, inquiry, repeat and non-core calls - 81% of all calls to emergency services are made "by mistake." It also made it possible to ensure coordinated interaction of all emergency response services and reduce the time for joint response to incidents," said Altay Kulginov, the mayor of the capital.

09:19, 26 December 2019



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