SHIF to spend almost KZT 160 bn to fight against COVID19 and pneumonia

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SHIF to spend almost KZT 160 bn to fight against COVID19 and pneumonia

SHIF to spend almost KZT 160 bn to fight against COVID19 and pneumonia

Kazakhstanis receive medical care for coronavirus infection and pneumonia free of charge, regardless of their status in the Social Health Insurance Fund. The Fund provides for funding of measures to combat coronavirus and pneumonia in the amount of over 159 billion tenge. This was announced at a briefing in the CCS by the chairman of the board of the SHIF Bolat Tokezhanov, reports.

"Changes have been made to the packages of the guaranteed volume of medical care and compulsory medical insurance, which are associated with the treatment of coronavirus infection. They provide services of mobile teams and hospitals at home for patients with COVID-19 and in cases with suspected COVID-19. They will be provided to all Kazakhstanis, regardless of their status of insurance", - said Tokezhanov.

Thus, he noted, these changes will preserve the principle of accessibility of medical care for socially significant diseases, regardless of the status of insurance. This is especially true in anticipation of a possible outbreak of infection in the fall.

"At the moment, the Fund has provided more than 159 billion tenge to pay for measures to combat coronavirus and pneumonia. Including for treatment of patients with coronavirus - 50.5 billion tenge, for premiums for medical workers involved in anti-epidemiological measures - 91.9 billion tenge, for PCR research at a stationary level - 4.2 billion tenge, for provision of inpatient services at home - 0.4 billion tenge, for PCR testing at an outpatient level - 10 billion tenge, for the work of mobile teams - 2.4 billion tenge", - said the speaker.

According to him, from March to July, the Fund paid 36.9 billion tenge for treatment, PCR testing and the work of mobile teams. About 500 thousand PCR tests were carried out in the amount of 5.6 billion tenge.

"More than 31 billion tenge was spent on hospitalization in infectious, provisional and quarantine hospitals. The created mobile teams conducted 43,000 home visits during July. By the end of the year, it is planned to conduct about 2 million PCR studies of patients for coronavirus, including in hospitals - about 600 thousand, on an outpatient basis - more than 1.4 million tests," - concluded the head of the SHIF.


Aidana Demesinova

14:14, 24 September 2020

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