There must be no shortage of drugs – RK PM to SK Pharmacy and Health Ministry

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There must be no shortage of drugs – RK PM to SK Pharmacy and Health Ministry

There must be no shortage of drugs – RK PM to SK Pharmacy and Health Ministry

Photo: Talgat Akhanov

During the Government meeting, Prime Minister Askar Mamin gave a number of instructions to provide the population with medicines and medical products, correspondent reports.

"The head of state has been instructed to form a permanent stock of key medicines and medical devices during a pandemic. The government is taking all necessary measures to prepare for a new wave of CVI. This year, as part of the introduction of compulsory medical insurance, the list of free medicines has been increased by 3 times, from 45 to 138. As you know, since August, citizens have been given 5 types of drugs for treatment of coronavirus at home free of charge," Mamin said.

According to him, to date, work has been carried out to form a republican and regional two-month stock of 91 names of drugs. In addition, in order to avoid shortages in pharmacies, SK Pharmacia purchases 33 most popular drugs to saturate the retail network.

"In all regions, stabilization funds have been created to provide medicines in the amount of more than 13 billion tenge. At the instructions of the Head of State, the decision of the interdepartmental commission approved the methodology for formation of stabilization funds for the purchase of medicines from the local budget," Mamin continued.

At the same time, the head of the Government instructed the akimats to bring the volume of stabilization funds to the approved standard by November 1 of this year and to ensure constant monitoring of the need for medicines, both in medical organizations and in pharmacies.

"It is necessary to have a clear algorithm for the purchase of drugs at the expense of stabilization funds. Second, the Ministry of Health, together with SK Pharmacia, to monitor the availability of drugs in hospitals. There must be no shortage of drugs. Third, the Ministry of Industry should work with domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase personal protective equipment and medical masks. Also, I instruct the Ministry of Health to make timely procurement and supply of medicines and medical devices for the next year. At the same time, it is necessary to clearly fulfill the order of the Head of State to improve the efficiency of procurement of medicines by SK Pharmacy. Yeraly Tugzhanov controls it," the Prime Minister concluded.


Aidana Demesinova

11:46, 20 October 2020

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