Vaccine production launched in Zhambyl rgn

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Vaccine production launched in Zhambyl rgn

Vaccine production launched in Zhambyl rgn

from RK PM’s press service

In Zhambyl region, Prime Minister Askar Mamin launched the construction of a biopharmaceutical vaccine production plant with the Research Institute of Biological Safety of the Committee of Sciences of the Ministry of Education and Science, refers to the press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reporting.

The plant will produce immunobiological drugs on the international standard of good manufacturing practice (GMP), including a vaccine against coronavirus infection. The candidate vaccine of Kazakhstan Research Institute against COVID-19 is included in the WHO list and is successfully undergoing preclinical trials.

The company will also produce vaccines against pandemic influenza, tuberculosis, brucellosis, nodular dermatitis, plague of small ruminants, contagious ectima of sheep and goats, sheep pox, rabies and other infectious diseases.

It is planned to complete construction work in December this year and annually produce up to 60 million doses of biopharmaceuticals.

The Institute of Biological Safety Problems was established in 1958 as one of the 6 largest virological institutes in the USSR. The staff consists of 214 researchers and leading virologists (academicians, doctors and candidates of sciences, PhD), includes 13 laboratories for working with dangerous infections.

The research institute develops vaccines for agriculture and the health care system, produces immunobiological preparations, conducts research in the field of biological safety threats, develops test systems for the diagnosis of dangerous and especially dangerous diseases, and acts as a depository of dangerous and especially dangerous strains of viruses and microorganisms.

On 5 laboratories’ basis the Research Institute has produced 67 types of domestic vaccines, including for healthcare against highly pathogenic bird flu (7 in the world) and highly pathogenic swine flu (6 in the world), against bird flu for agriculture (one of the first in the world ), a new vector vaccine against brucellosis. Vaccines against foot and mouth disease and 4 vaccines against COVID-19 are being developed this year.

The research institute is included in the register of the Customs Union as vaccines exporter, is included in the group of vaccine manufacturers of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.


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