WHO and UNICEF made joint statement

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WHO and UNICEF made joint statement

WHO and UNICEF made joint statement

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WHO and UNICEF made a joint statement on the importance of maintaining routine immunization during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kazpravda.kz refers to the WHO Country Office in Kazakhstan.

It is noted that the statement was made on the occasion of the European Immunization Week, which this year is from April 20 to 26.

In the statement, the organizations note that the COVID-19 pandemic has become a severe test for people around the world, destroying the usual way of life of tens of millions of people. The urgent need for a COVID-19 vaccine underscores the pivotal role immunizations play in protecting lives and economies. As scientists around the world work to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus and health care capacities are stretched in responding to COVID-19, national routine immunization programmes are more critical than ever before. Governments across the Region must use every opportunity possible to protect people from the many diseases for which vaccines are already available.

Caroline Clarinval, head of the WHO Country Office in Kazakhstan, noted that the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of skilled and trained health workers in responding to outbreaks, continuing to do all recommended vaccinations and follow the national guidelines for vaccination. In addition, she said, we should keep track of those who missed the vaccination. This will help prevent the spread of diseases such as measles and polio, the WHO representative said.

When routine vaccinations are missed, the risk of disease outbreaks increases.

The WHO and UNICEF intend to continue to support countries' efforts to strengthen their immunization programmes, including through strategic planning and equitable delivery of immunization services, strengthening vaccine-preventable disease surveillance, and public involvement and education.

20:02, 24 April 2020


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