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Representation and Agency services

Representing the interests of the manufacturer in the region, including: proposing a procedure for cooperation with distributors; conclusion of direct contracts between the plant and distribution companies; gathering orders for goods, supervision of liquidity and control over payments for goods; development and arrangement of promotional campaigns for distributors etc.

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Registration of drugs, dietary supplements, medical equipment, and medical devices

A full range of services to support the process of registration, re-registration, introduction of amendments to registration dossiers for medicinal products, dietary supplements to food, medical devices and medical equipment in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

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Pharmacovigilance support

Pharmacovigilance-related services: monitoring, analysis and evaluation of information on drug safety; monitoring of local literature; collection, processing and reporting of information on drugs use-related  adverse events (ICSR); monitoring of side effects of drugs; PSUR preparation; CIOMS provision to the competent authorities; other necessary actions related to the pharmacovigilance procedures implementation.

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Integrated marketing services: analysis and monitoring of the pharmaceutical market; analysis of the competitive environment; long-term contacts and cooperation with opinion-leaders and the medical community; active promotion of the new product supporting the promotion of the “old” products; work with the wholesale and retail sector of the pharmaceutical market; conducting effective advertising campaigns and much more ...

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Registration of trademarks

Provision of services related to the registration of trademarks (brand, logo, etc.) in the State Register of Trademarks within the served markets (all stages of the registration process, starting from preparation and filing of applications to obtaining Certificates of Incorporation).

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Monitoring of literature and websites within the framework of pharmacovigilance

The procedure of collection, registration and reporting of messages on adverse drug reactions

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