LLP «ADALAN» Registration of drugs and pharmacovigilance support and marketing

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10 years of the company

Registration of drugs, medical equipment and medical devices within the EAEU. Registration of dietary supplements.

Integrated marketing services

Representation and agency services

Pharmacovigilance support

Registration of trademarks

Registration of drugs, medical equipment and medical devices within the EAEU. Registration of dietary supplements. Registration of veterinary drugs.

A full range of services to support the process of registration,

Registration of prices for drugs

Registration of prices for

Representation and Agency services

Representing the interests of the manufacturer in the region,

Pharmacovigilance support

Pharmacovigilance-related services: monitoring, analysis and evaluation of


Integrated marketing services: analysis and monitoring of the pharmaceutical

Registration of trademarks

Provision of services related to the registration of trademarks (brand, logo,

About company

LLP «Adalan»

The main activity of our company is to represent the interests of producers, as well as registration services, pharmacovigilance support and marketing.

In cooperation with foreign partners, we have gained valuable experience in the promotion of pharmaceutical products on the domestic market and outside of Kazakhstan.

We represent the interests of foreign companies in Kazakhstan, Georgia, BelarusAzerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Turkmenistan.

You do not need to open a representative office in these regions. We will help organize the work in the following areas:

  • Registration of drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices and medical equipment within the EAEU
  • Registration of dietary supplements
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Registration of trade marks
  • Marketing services
  • Consulting services, etc.

If you are interested in registering your products in the specified regions - Contact us!

We have experts of the highest class who will help to realize your projects!

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