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About the company


ADALAN – is a Kazakhstan-based company providing Representation services and Agency services with an experience and current involvement in the following areas:


Registration of drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices and medical equipment within the EAEU
Registration of  dietary supplements
Registration of trade marks
Marketing services
Consulting services etc.

The Company’s main activity is to represent interests of foreign companies.

ADALAN cooperates with Asian, European and international pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as big distribution companies in Central Asian countries; has partnership contacts in the markets of Russia and Canada; and does active coordinated work with administrative authorities in the markets serviced.


The extensive experience in promotion of pharmaceutical products both in the domestic pharmaceutical market and outside of Kazakhstan and also close collaboration with major opinion leaders and organizations in different branches of medical industry contribute to strengthening the positions of our partners and to efficient introduction of new drugs to the market.


 ADALAN - reliable company!
Our goal is to create a strong position of our Partners in the market. We can provide both full and partial maintenance of Your Company in  countries where we operate.
The results of our work - a successful and long-term relationships with partners.
We aim to fulfill our obligations clearly and expeditiously, which contributes to the achievement of goals with consistently high quality.
We organize work in open positions: regular reporting is carried out  for our Partners regarding all directions of our Company’s activity.
The Company Values
Professionalism of the employees
Customers are a priority
Innovative solutions
Reliable partner reputation
The true professionals in the areas of marketing authorization,  pharmacovigilance, marketing and trade in pharmaceutical products work in our Company.
All the employees have a specialized higher education and a long-term work experience, they constantly improve their skills. This permits us to perform all required procedures within the shortest time period.
Please contact us and we will make all efforts to develop and implement Your projects based on our knowledge and our professionalism.
We will be happy to provide for Your Company entire range of our services!